1967 Bermuda Bowl The scoring: in the 1967 match the pre-1987 scoring was used. The main difference from today is that the penalty for non-vulnerable undertricks was lighter: 100-300-500-700 and so on. In our presentation the modern scoring is used to score the individual boards but the carry-over reflects the actual score of the match. The 1967 BB was held in Miami Beach, USA. It was the first of its kind to have a round robin with the two top teams advancing to the final. Venezuela, France, Italy, North America, and Thailand participated. Each team played the other four teams in three separate 32-board matches. Italy and North America came first and second to contest the 128-board final. North America fielded their strongest team in some time with a line-up of three experienced partnerships - Eric Murray/Sammy Kehela of Canada and the two USA pairs of Al Roth/Bill Root and Edgar Kaplan/Norman Kay. Italy fielded a full strength Blue Team of Garozzo/Forquet, Avarelli/Belladonna and D'Alelio/Pabis Ticci. However the event was notable for the absence of their incomparable manager Carl'Alberto Perroux. According to the ACBL book he intended to drop D'Alelio and Avarelli and bring in a new pair. However the Blue Team revolted and Perroux resigned to be replaced by Guido Barbone. The first half of the final was very close - after 64 boards Italy led by just 3 IMPs. But then Italy won the next four sessions and won convincingly by 338 -227 IMPs. For the 1967 Bermuda Bowl our source was the official book published courtesy of the ACBL. For the moment we provide only the final match between North America and Italy. Italy v North America

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