Ithe 1975 match the pre-1987 scoring was used. The main difference from today is that the penalty for non-vulnerable undertricks was lighter: 100-300-500-700 and so on. In our presentation the modern scoring is used to score the individual boards but the carry-over reflects the actual score of the match: for instance in the very first board of this match, the Italians went down 4 at 3 diamonds doubled, non-vul. This is scored as -800 and 9 imps to the USA while in real life it was scored -700 and 7 imps. The segment score is given with the modern scoring, 44-40 to the USA, but it is carried over to the next segment as it was back in 1975, i.e. 42 to 40 For the 1975 Bermuda Bowl, our first offering from the 70s, our source was the official book published courtesy of the ACBL. For the moment we provide only the dramatic final match USA and Italy. It was to be the last victory of the legendary Blue Team, a victory achieved after a dramatic come-back: after 51 boards (out of 96) the Americans were 78 imps ahead. In the end, the Italians won by 25. The famous grand slam of Belladonna, late in the day, where Eddie Kantar failed to falsecard holding K-10 of trumps is arguably one of the most famous deals of all time; but it is only one of the excellent deals in this great match, a match you can now replay yourself!

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