1977 Bermuda Bowl The scoring: in the 1977 match the pre-1987 scoring was used. The main difference from today is that the penalty for non-vulnerable undertricks was lighter: 100-300-500-700 and so on. In our presentation the modern scoring is used to score the individual boards but the carry-over reflects the actual score of the match. For the 1977 Bermuda Bowl our source was the official book published courtesy of the ACBL. For the moment we provide only the final match between USA I (the Defenders) and USA II (the Challengers). In fact, this was the unique time in a Bermuda Bowl where two teams from the same country have met in the final -as this was deemed awkward, a rule has been promulgated whereby if two teams of the same country are present in the semifinals they have to play each other. The two US teams had qualified 1st and 2nd respectively from a six team round robin - the other teams being Sweden, Argentina, Australia and Taiwan. The Defenders had a 31 IMP carry over (actually 30.5 IMP) from the RR and looked as if they would retain the title after 64 boards as they led by 44 IMPs. But the Challengers really came alive after that and outscored the holders by 73 IMPs over the final 32 boards to take the glory and the Bermuda Bowl.

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