1981 Bermuda Bowl (Rye, NY) The scoring: in the 1981 match the pre-1987 scoring was used. The main difference from today is that the penalty for non-vulnerable undertricks was lighter: 100-300-500-700 and so on. In our presentation the modern scoring is used but the user should bear in mind what had happened actually. The 1981 event was important in BB history as it was the first time for a team from the newly formed Zone 4 (Middle East/Asia) - represented by Pakistan. It was also important as the entrance to the world stage of three great new bridge stars - Eric Rodwell, Jeff Meckstroth (i.e. Meckwell) and Zia Mahmood! It was an extremely open event: perhaps the first and last time where all teams in the Round Robin had a real chance of winning the title. Pakistan did extremely well to come second in the round robin - ahead of Poland, Argentina, Great Britain, Australia and Indonesia. They then convincingly beat Argentina over 64 boards in the semi final to qualify for the final against USA.The final started as a closely fought match, but in the end the US team, spear-headed by Meckwell, came out as convincing winners -and the bridge world had gained three new stars! Pakistan team were : Zia Mahmood/Masood Salim, Nishat Abedi/Nisar Ahmed, Jan-E-Alam Fazli/Munir Ata-Ullah. USA team were : Jeff Meckstroth/Eric Rodwell, Bud Reinhold, Russ Arnold, Bobby Levin and John Solodar. Reinhold was the sponsor and decided not to play in the final so Arnold/Levin/Solodar played as a three-man pair. Zia/Masood and Meckwell were the anchor pairs and played all 96 boards in the final.

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