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228423Bermuda Bowl 2017Board: 56s North11Dai - L YangLorenzini - QuantinView deal
228424Bermuda Bowl 2017Board: 54s North11F Combescu - RombautYu Chen - ZhaoView deal
228455Bermuda Bowl 2017Board: 56c South10Aronov - DamyanovaKatz - NickellView deal
228456Bermuda Bowl 2017Board: 54s North11Rodwell - MeckstrothStefanov - NanevView deal
228486Bermuda Bowl 2017Board: 54s North11Bach - CornellB Drijver - NabView deal
228487Bermuda Bowl 2017Board: 54s North11de Wijs - MullerTislevoll - WareView deal

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