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Let's say you are looking for the deal where Hamman-Wolff went down in 6h against Forquet Bianchi
Searching for just a player name is not very useful: searching for Hamman would give you more than 5000 results.

Also specifying the contract 6H helps hamman 6h → less than 200 results

Adding wolff to the search won't do much good they played together for 25 years
But adding Bianchi does: hamman 6h bianchi → 2 results

If you don't know the other players you can add the year hamman 6h 1973 → 4 results

Adding a tournament name is not as useful hamman 6h bermuda → 39 results
Searching on tournament names is tricky because annotators may shorten the tournament name Bermuda Bowl = Bermuda = BB = World Team Championships = WTC

Or add part of the bidding 1h 1s 3c 6h hamman → 1 result

Or if you know the hand
The hand Hamman had

suits are separated by a dot spades.hearts.diamonds.clubs
9.AJ8762..AQ7532 → 2 results

If you only know a suit hamman AJ8762 → 1 result

Other possibilities adding the site Guaruja Brazil

Or the date 1973.05.24

Below you can see how this deal is recorded in the database
[Event "1973 Bermuda Bowl Final"]
[Site "Guaruja Brazil"]
[Date "1973.05.24"]
[Room "Open"]
[Board "78"]
[West "Bobby Wolff"]
[North "Pietro Forquet"]
[East "Bob Hamman"]
[South "Benito Bianchi"]
[Dealer "E"]
[Vulnerable "None"]
[Deal "E:9.AJ8762..AQ7532 K854.9.98543.K86 AQ76.T53.AKJT6.9 JT32.KQ4.Q72.JT4"]
[Scoring "IMP"]
[Declarer "E"]
[Contract "6H"]
[Result "10"]
[Score "NS 100"]
[Auction "E"]
1H      Pass    1S      Pass
3C      Pass    3D      Pass
4C      Pass    4NT     Pass
5H      Pass    6H      Pass
Pass    Pass
[Play "S"]
H9 H3 H4 HA
S5 H5 HQ H6
C8 C9 C4 CA
S4 SQ S3 S9

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